6 tips that will help you find the best rain shower heads on the market

A rain shower head is in a perfect world intended to copy precipitation in your shower range; this shower head essentially helps you bring an aesthetic look to your washroom.

most recommended rain shower head on the market

Contingent on the settings decided for your shower, you can appreciate an exuberant rain storm or have a milder, sprinkling rain feeling. The primary advantage of these shower heads is their precipitation impact that washes your whole body with delicate beads.

The water stream, as a rule, originates from above rather than the vertical one of the standard shower heads. This sort of shower heads is utilized as a part of most day spas.

Precipitation showers accompanied a more extensive width, which ordinarily goes 6 to 8 inches. Try to discover most recommended rain shower head on the market by searching online if you are searching for the best rain shower head.

In this article, we’re going to share some helpful tips with that can help you find the best shower heads in the market.

6 tips to find the best shower heads in the market:

There are a few things that you must consider when you are in search of buying a new rain shower head.


Think about finding something more attractive because everybody loves to have an incredible rain shower head.

Quality concern: Rather than being a brand conscious, focus on the quality of the product. You can find the perfect shower head for your washroom by taking a look at the reviews of other clients who have already purchased the shower head that you are looking to buy.

Splash outline and settings:

A fundamental plan with a solitary setting will work perfectly for you if you are just searching for a straightforward and decent rain head shower.

most recommended rain shower head on the market

Choose a head with more shower settings if you are willing to have the capacity to switch between precipitations, splashing, capable back rub and fog settings.

Shower arm fit:

Is the model intended to be divider mounted or roof mounted? Will this fit your present shower arm? Reviewing the information and the images of the product will help you make the better decision. If a product doesn’t meet your needs, consider looking for a shower that is suitable for your washroom.

Style and wrap up:

Your current fittings and installations play an important role in choosing the style. So, try to find a shower head that suits the current style of your washroom. There are plenty of styles and designs available in the market that you can choose from.

Reading the reviews:

If you want to find the best rain shower heads on the market, then you must consider reading the reviews of previous customers who have experienced these products. Different users leave different reviews by which you can easily anticipate which is the top-rated rain shower head you can purchase from the market.

Follow these simple and helpful steps and find the best piece in the market.


Buying a house might look easy to jump on, but if care is not taken one will make a mistake. Make sure you look out for these things before buying a house in gold coast.


Buying a property is one of the most important decisions you will ever make especially if you are a young couple. There is nothing more beautiful than having your own home. If you are just about to buy your first house, it is absolutely normal to have some fear and daunting ideas all around your mind.

You will get to see different kinds of houses, both houses that are 30 years old and those that are newly constructed. You will also be considering the neighborhood of where the property is situated and a lot of things you will like to consider.

However, here are the things you need to look for when buying a home on the gold coast.

Make a Wish List of What You Desire

 The very first thing and most important of them all is that you know what you want. You need to make a clear written wish list that contain the attributes you will like to see in a house of your own. This will go a long way in aiding you get the exact kind of house you desire.  For more about locksmith careers you can check out this link.


Bedrooms Space and Floor

 After you have made a list of what you desire to have and see in your house. Then you will know the bedroom space you need or visualize. In most cases, the floor space is large based on the number of rooms in the building. If you are looking at buying a small house of about 2 to 3 rooms, look for floor space of about 80 m2 to 120 m2.

What Suburb Are You Looking At Living in?

 The exact place where your house is situated matters. Young couples with just one or two kids tend to prefer an area that is accessible, with a good parking space and less population. This is different from the areas where young bachelors leave. So, be sure of the area where you are looking at buying a house.


Look For A House That Receive A good Air Flow

 No one wants to leave in a stuffy house with very little openings. There are guidelines governing the kind of opening that a house should have. But buying a house that is really airy will go a long way to allow for ventilation. Experts say that houses that are facing the north are better for proper ventilation.


Pay Attention To Details

A house might look really beautiful but might have some little issue inside of it. What do I mean, a building with low ceiling might not be a good one for you especially if you are the tall type. Beside, the height of the house, also take your time to pay attention to the other areas of the house where there is most likely to be a renovation. If you need a quick fix of lockers Gold Coast locksmiths are practically available at a cheap rate.

Ben Kingsley a property investment expert agreed that the best places to buy a house are places that has easy accessibility, quick transportation and majorly a place with great lifestyle.

Buying a house might look easy to jump on, but if care is not taken one will make a mistake. Make sure you look out for these things before buying a house in gold coast.

Picking the best vacuum for tile floor

Tips for picking the best Vacuum for tile floor

Tiled floors can sometimes be a pain to clean compared to carpets as dirt can often be more visible, which often results in having to clean tiled floors more often.

Picking the best vacuum for tile floor

However, tiled floors can actually be cleaned much easier than carpets or rugs, which can be hard to clean for coffee stains for example, and in the long-term look better. Here are our top tips for finding the right vacuum for tile floors:

1. Know Your Tiles.

There are many different types of tiles and this needs to be cleaned in different ways. The most important thing to consider is if they are glazed or not. Glazed tiled make it difficult for dirt to get stuck while unglazed tiles are the opposite. If your tiles are unglazed you will need a more powerful vacuum to make sure that dirt can be removed. Definitely get this checked before purchasing any vacuum to avoid disappointment. Read More.

2. Light and Manoeuvrable.

Your vacuum doesn’t need to be gigantic if it’s only used for cleaning tiled floors. Look for models which will save you space and can move around your home as easy as possible. Cordless vacuums are also an option. Remember to try them out when browsing at your store.

3. Sensible Attachments.

The last thing you want is to scratch your tiles while cleaning them, which not only looks bad but can also accumulate dirt.

Picking the best vacuum for tile floor

Make sure the attachments available to your product will not leave scratches. If you think they will leave damage, perhaps consider not using them.

4. Grout Can Hide Dirt.

Grout, that substance that fills the gaps between your tiles, can be a refuge for dirt. You may be able to clean the tile, but it is pointless if you can’t get the dirt out of grout. Consider a vacuum which can do both.

5. Brush Roll.

Brush rolls are incredibly useful for tiled floors, helping to drag in that dirt and also wipe up that floor more so than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

6. Vacuums for All Floor Types.

Chances are the floors of your home are not tiled in every room. Why buy two vacuums when you can have one which works on all surfaces?

7. Steam Cleaning Options.

You may be able to vacuum up any loose dirt from your floor, but sometimes dirt gets stuck to the floor and no amount of vacuuming will remove it. This would usually be where you get the mop, but with some vacuums, there are steam cleaning options cutting out this need.

What to do with your Old Golf Shoes as Business Increases

So, being an architect is really starting to pay off.  You’ve got tons of clients and the money is rolling in.  However, with more work come less leisure time.  For many architects, that means less golf.  Weekday mornings are no longer designated to hitting the golf ball straight down the fairway with your best buds.  So, in this post we thought it would be fun to figure out what you can do with those old golf shoes that are just collecting dust at this point!

old golf shoes


So there you are, looking at a pair of gently used golf shoes that are now a part of your past.  Throwing out such a nice pair of golf shoes just seems like such a waste, but what else is there to give your shoes another life?  There are actually many options to get rid of your used golf shoes without doing something as wasteful as throwing them away.

Recycling old golf shoes

Some shoes truly have seen the last of their useful life, and they can’t be used by any additional people.  Golf shoes with holes, missing pieces, or that are faded beyond all recognition, should just be recycled rather than passed on to anyone else.  Recycling shoes is an interesting process; it can be done by virtually any shoe store through a variety of different organizations.  Nike, for example, processes shoes into a special mulch that is actually used to create running surfaces for athletic tracks.  There is something poetically beautiful about shoes being re-purposed to create a new track for a school somewhere, and in this way nothing is wasted.  To help out your local recycling center, make sure you remove the shoelaces and insoles from your shoes first. Metal cleats should also be taken out and recycled separately in recycling bins meant for metals and aluminum.

Selling your used golf shoes

There are tons of different avenues for selling your gently used golf shoes to recoup a little of the money that you might have spent for the shoes and the rest of your golfing hobby.  Sites like eBay and Amazon benefit from allowing you to offer your shoes to the broadest possible audience, but they take a little bit of technical experience and they require you to be familiar with shipping and online payment options.

Local classified boards, both through your newspaper and online through websites like Craigslist, help you sell your shoes to local audiences.  This is great because it is usually a cash transaction with a person face-to-face, cutting down the risk of scams.  On the other hand, many people are uncomfortable meeting a stranger, so they either avoid Craigslist, or they require the transaction be made in a public place where both parties are comfortable.

Finally, there are consignment shops that specialize in athletic gear that will take and sell your shoes.  These shops, such as PlayItAgain sports, pay you less for your shoes than a consumer would (since they have to make some profit off the transaction) but it is a simple way to take the shoes off your hands if you don’t want to put the effort into selling them on your own.

Pass Them Down!

Golf is more than a sport; it is a passion that is best shared with others.  Unfortunately, many people never get the chance to get into golf because of the amount of money that the initial investment in gear might cost.  Between clubs and shoes and club fees, golf can be a very expensive hobby indeed.  Older golfers, and those who have been in the sport for a while, have the responsibility of carrying on the proud tradition of golf by bringing new people into the sport.

If you have children or teens that you mentor, consider passing down your golf shoes along with some of your other old golfing gear.  As long as all of your equipment is serviceable, you will be bringing untold joy into the lives of these young people. For used shoes, take the insoles and shoelaces out and replace them with new insoles and laces, you will be giving the shoes a new life while also restoring them for the next owner.

Well, there you have it.  While it’s awesome that your architecture business is growing, sometimes it can be tough to let go of your favorite hobbies.  Hopefully this fun article gave you some ideas on what you can do with your old golf shoes instead of just throwing them away!

3 greatest modern architects of all time

Architecture plays a big role in our everyday lives.We recognize some great works of architecture instantly. Here are the five greatest architests of modern times.  Many found here at Complex

Frank Gehry


Gehry’s works are very distinct. His deconstructive forms attract tourists all around the world. He is known as ‘the most important architect of our age’ by Vanity Fair. He creates spaces that manipulate surfaces and forms. He uses unique materials in construction that will make you wonder how all these work together. His notable projects are The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Der Neue Zollhof in Dusseldorf, The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Marques de Riscal Vineyard Hotel in Elciego.

Frank Lloyd Wright


He thought of the exterior and interior spaces as one. He was always ahead of his time in building forms and construction methods. Surprisingly, he never went to a formal architecture school. He used organic and natural forms in his design. His notable projects include The Guggenheim Museum in New York City, Fallingwater Residence in Mill Run, and more.

Ieoh Ming Pei – I.M. Pei


He is a Chinese-born architect came to study architecture in the U.S. when he was a teenager. Later, he became one of the greatest architects of modern architecture. I.M. Pei’s works are noted for their unique set of geometric forms. He incorporates Chinese influences into his work. His best projects include Le Grand Louvre (The Pyramid) in Paris, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, and Museum in Boston, The Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, The National Gallery or Art in Washington D.C., etc.

These iconic architects have left their marks in the world of modern architecture today. We get lots of inspiration from their works.

Top 5 Features Of Green Condominiums – Austin, Texas

A green building considers environment at every stage of their construction including the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases. Green building provides different benefits to the building occupants and the society as a whole. It incorporates superior air quality, noise control, and abundant natural light. Design efficiency, water and energy efficiency, resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, etc. are the highlights of green building. Here are the top features of green building.

Protects existing ecology


Green buildings are constructed on environmentally sensitive land, and measures are taken to restore plant life. It protects the ecology around it.

Fewer resource used


Green buildings use fewer materials through efficient design. It eliminates the unnecessary finish materials. It promotes water and material recycling in their operations.

Energy efficiency


It is the most important factor in the construction of all green buildings. The building is constructed by carefully selecting the window, building envelope air sealing, duct sealing, use fo clean energy-powered heating and cooling systems, etc. The result is an energy efficient building. The building uses renewable energy like wind, solar and biomass energy to reduce the carbon footprints of the building.

Water conservation


These buildings conserve water by implementing more efficient water delivery and recycling system. It minimizes the water use of the building, and so protects local ecologies, like the aquatic life.

Air quality

Green buildings improve the quality of in-house air by controlling the contamination source, diluting the source and capturing the source through filtration. This reduces respiratory ailments like asthma’s and allergies.
Green buildings can contribute towards a sustainable construction. Constructing such building requires lower development costs, lower operating costs, healthier indoor environment, and increased comforts. We should develop green buildings to protect our environment.

Sponsored – Austin, Texas has been voted as one of the most Eco-friendly cities in the World as of 2015 by High Endurance Energy Magazine.  If you have the slightest inclination in buying investment properties world-wide, it maybe in your best interest to look into available properties in the greater Austin, Tx area.  For information on Eco-friendly Condos for sale in Austin Tx, please visit our sponsor, Sarah Williams, by clicking the link.

4 interesting things you didn’t know about Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is known as the tallest building in the world. Its height is 828 meters (half a mile). The tower pierces the sky like a thin silver needle. Dubai never have clouds, so you can even see the top of the tower. This tower was mainly designed by Adrian Smith and engineer Bill Baker. It is a beautiful and elegant building that rises in a graceful series of silver tubes of different heights. The building looks like a single tower rather than a cluster of towers. It is a great-looking building, and we haven’t seen anything like it before. Here are some amazing facts about Burj Khalifa.

1. In its Y-shaped plan, three wings extend from a central core, like the roots of a tree. This confuses the win. The core stops the wings from twisting. It is built to bend with the wind.

2. The Burj Khalifa is the home to the highest observations deck, elevator, swimming pool, fountain and restaurant in the world. Once at the top, the temperature is 15 degrees cooler than at the base.

3. The tower has an acrophobia inducing elevator. It travels at a speed of 40 miles per hour. It only takes two minutes to reach the observation deck at the top.

4. The Burj Khalif is in the middle of the desert as has to withstand a 120-degree summer heat. The tower is covered with 24,348 cladding panels to beat the summer heat.

Even the critics admit that Burj Khalifa is a stunning piece of architecture. About 90% of the 900 residences have already been sold. So, if you want to own a piece of this outstanding structure, you better hurry!